Women doing washing in a river in Kustiya Bangladesh. © 2014 Momo Mustafa Courtesy of Photoshare.
The language(s) of vulnerability
Language is bound up with power: we all know that from our own experience. If you can express yourself in
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Trim Tint Tattoo for TWB
Tickled by Trim, Tint or Tattoo for TWB
In the years I have been with Translators without Borders, I have witnessed and been involved in many exceptional fundraisers.
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Localization World
TWB Events: Meet TWB at these upcoming events
Meet TWB at the following events in the spring of 2017: ITI Conference 2017 Cardiff, 18-20 May 2017 The ITI Conference
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How soon is too late? How Translators without Borders responds to crisis
When a crisis or a major humanitarian event occurs, timing is everything. The ability to respond to urgent and vital
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Celebrating Amazing Women on International Women’s Day
celebrating giti dallali on international women’s day In honor of International Women’s day, we tell the story of Giti Dallali.
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Volunteer Translator
Language: One of the major obstacles faced by refugees
Tunisian researcher, Mayssa Allani insists that a cooperative approach is required when dealing with the refugee crisis in Europe. She
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Volunteer translator Amine Hadjela's volunteer story
Volunteer story: Translating rumors and helping refugee children express themselves
A TWB volunteer story Amina Hadjela is a great TWB volunteer story. She became intrigued by Translators without Borders (TWB) after
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Majed Abo dan: Using experience for a good cause
How To: Use your personal experience for a good cause
Majed Abo dan knows what life is like as a refugee. His story is the story of how personal experience
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Volunteer translator Anastasia Petyka breaks down communicative barriers when improving migration in Greece
Migration is nothing new. The Greeks will tell you that.
The beginning of greek migration It was the ancient Greeks who gave us the word diaspora, meaning “to scatter or
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Eleni Gayraud - one of many modern migrants
The Modern Migrants
Eleni Gayraud uses the term modern migrants to describe her family. Her parents, her three siblings and she are spread around
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