Kenya Kibera slum
Call for Translation in Kenya’s Kibera Slum
We’ve been invited to Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, to talk about – of all things – translation. “We” refers to
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By volunteering for TWB you are giving people in need the gift of information
I Believe
I believe that for the first time in human history we are capable of sharing knowledge with everyone on this
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British Medical Journal
Language is essential for access to information
Reprinted from the British Medical Journal, Oct. 18, 2011 Language is key to accessing information. Speakers of a dominant language such
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Translators without Borders at IMTT’s 7 LTC
In August 2011, Córdoba, Argentina saw its most important translation event of the year at IMTT’s 7 LTC. Translators without Borders
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Translating to save lives
The Richmond High School students gather around the new poster, studying it closely. “It says something about an epidemic,” says
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Urgent Call for Volunteers
As East Africa faces its worst famine in 60 years, called the children’s famine because they are least likely to
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Localization World
Localization World is coming up!
We hope that everyone is getting excited for Localization World!  We would just like to start by saying thank you
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Proz logo
Willingness to Work Again is a Translators without Borders partner organization that provides a powerful technological platform for outsourcing translations for the NGOs
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The elephant in the access to information room
The Elephant in the Access to Information Room
When health information is not in the right language, it is useless. “Translation. Practically no one is talking about delivering
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